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Carl Sengstock

Tony Finau and Patrick Cantlay are tied after the first round of the Genesis Open at The Riviera CC.

They both shot very nice -5 under par 66’s on a very difficult golf course.

Ironically both players had 6 birdies and a lone bogey.

At one point there was a six way tie for the lead.

Actually a couple of groups got pulled off the course because of darkness but nobody in serious shot of the lead.

Tiger Woods was paired today and will be paired Friday with Rory McIlroy and Justin Thomas.

It doesn’t look like Tiger will get his 80th PGA Tour win this week.

He ended up plus one for the day.

It involved shooting 5 birdies but as he said, “too many bogeys”.

He got 4 bogeys and one weird double bogey.

On number 11, his second hole of the day, he hit an errant tee shot and ended up caught in a tree and he had to go back and retee.

Reminded me of poor Troy Merritt last week at Pebble Beach on number 18.

Rory’s interview after play was interesting because he said Tiger WILL make some noise this year.

He was errant with a lot of tee balls and Rory said he has to get his driver back and take control of it.

I agree. He only hit 8 of 14 fairways —only 4 of those with his driver.

It’s too bad because if you recall he only hit 19 fairways a couple of weeks ago in 4 rounds at Torrey Pines.

I’m troubled because he said the course was too tough for him today.

I want to see him play the Honda next week and if he doesn’t feel comfortable he won’t play.

He has until 5:00 pm EST Friday to commit.

We have a three-way tie for third place at -4 under par. That trio is Tom Hoge, Dominic Bozzelli, & Sam Saunders.

Sam said last year was so different as he got a sponsor’s exception to play in this tournament.

This year he is going out each week with only one thought……WIN.

I love this guy and wish him everything good in this world and a wonderful career.

He was taught by his grandpa Arnold Palmer and really has lived up to Arnie’s expectations.

Sam is a true gentleman and if you get his autograph…….you can read it!!! So cool.

Enjoy the weekend we have a wonderful field and should be a super tournament.

Oh and by the way thoughts and prayers to all the families affected by the awful school shooting in South Florida.

You are in our prayers to get thru this the best you can. What a horrific tragedy.

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    For the life of me I can’t figure out why someone with Tiger’s brains and skill can’t figure out how to hit the ball competently off the tee even sixty per cent of the time…Due to the violence of the torque in his swing, in an odd way I thought that fused vertebrae in his back would force him to swing in a more controlled way which would result in better control and, derivatively, fewer fairways missed.

    But I’ve been wrong—dead wrong…and I’m beginning to think that nothing will ever get him to the place where he can correct (and repeat) his mechanics to the point where it will allow him to win tournaments again…particularly the harder ones (like Riviera…)


    • LG

      First let me say great too see a comment from you. Second I couldn’t agree more. He needs to back it down lets say 20-30%. He would still hit the ball a long way but his brain gets in his way and he wants to smash it all the time…..


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