Daniel Snyder, the owner of the Washington Redskins has sent a message. He said, he has no plans to change the name of the team. The Oneida Indian Nation doesn’t seem to understand the message.

How much clearer can Snyder make it? The team had been named the Redskins for years and it stands for something that the Oneida Indians should be proud of.

Instead, they wish to make an issue out of the name. They can’t seem to understand the decades of  being proud that comes along with the Redskins name.

People just need a reason to complain about something these days. Snyder has been a gentleman about the issues and his patients has to be running out.

He met with the NFL commissioner on Tuesday and details of that meeting haven’t been released. There is no reason to think the team is going to change its name.

Snyder has been up front and forward about this issue for months. The Indians can’t get it through their heads that the Redskins are an American institution and they are not going anywhere.

The sooner the Indians understand this, the better off they are going to be. They must have other things they could be doing other than giving Snyder and his Washington Redskins a hassle over the teams name.

It is time for this nonsense to be put to rest. Lets hope Snyder can come away from this meeting tonight and put this issue to rest. Enough is enough already.

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  1. Roger Livingston

    I’m on the fence. Not a Redskin fan (or hater), and I don’t want to pass off the Oneida Nation’s concern as frivolous, but they are clearly a small minority. Why change the Redskin name that millions of fans enjoy to satisfy a relatively small segment of the population? The name may have been used derogatively long ago, but it is clearly not now.

  2. william nichols

    please stay redskins forever goddell and some congress and mr, Obama aren*t BOSS. UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!

  3. Basia

    I have been a redskins fan 30 years i agree w Mr S they need to get a life leave us alone

  4. wes rice

    why after 80 yrs?

  5. william nichols, deaf from cool ridge, wv

    please stop complain and big cry baby abt REDSKINS!!! leave it alone> understand!!!!!!!!! mr. Obama, some congresses and onedia must HAND OFF!!!!!!!!!!

  6. milton bowles from beaver, wv

    I want old redskins continues same not other style.


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