New England QB Tom Brady and wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen built a new house in Brentwood California. The place is so nice it will be the featured home in Octobers issue of Architectural Digest. Brady and wife Gisele have out done themselves with this creation.

What sets the house apart from other celebrities homes is the neutral color palette throughout that gives it a lovely country chic vibe. Bundchen said; “I like simplicity and coziness,”“I want to live in a place that feels like a real home, where you can put your feet up on the couch and just relax.”

One look at this house and you quickly see there is plenty of room to sit and relax anywhere you want. It is difficult to imagine even finding your way through this extensive lay out. Brady will be able to get his workout in simply by walking from one end of his new house to the other.

The thing that really gets me is, Bundchen’s closet. It has a gorgeous antique chandelier, custom-made cabinetry and marble countertops. Most people in America can’t even afford to have marble countertops in their kitchen while she has them in her closet, but hey what the heck, when your one of the worlds highest paid fashion models, you can afford a few of the finer things in life.

And the money Tom Brady makes couldn’t hurt either. To see more pictures of the new Tom Brady spread just click here…..

Picture compliments of Huff Post



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