Why bother fining Tom Brady at all? I mean come on, what is a 10,000 dollar fine to a guy like Tom Brady? Why not just let it go and warn him? The NFL play favorites and it is a clear message that Brady is one of the favorites. Other guys would be hit with a much higher fine for calls that aren’t as obvious as the slide the Golden Boy pulled during the AFC Championship game.  The NFL and their fines are helping to turn the league into a joke. If you’re going to fine someone make it one that is measurable to the crime. Brady tried to spike Ed Reed, he could have taken Reed out of the game had he really connected the way he looked to be trying to.

Now the NFL passes down a little 10 grand fine. Others have been hit with much higher fines for calls that looked to be unstoppable. If the league is going to had out fines make them count. 10 grand is nothing to a guy like Tom Brady. It is laughable.


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