Was this the same Tom Brady that left practice with an injured knee just days ago? Yes it was and he looked pretty sharp completing 11 of the 12 passes he threw for 107 yards and a touchdown. It shows, you can’t hold a good man down.

Brady didn’t look like he had any residual problems from the sprain he had in his knee just days ago. It was a scare for the Patriots and their fans when Brady left practice with the sore knee. With his performance against the Buccaneers I think it is safe to put the fear of no Brady behind us.

The New England Patriots should be one of the top team’s in the NFL again this season. The way Brady is performing shows that this guy continues to get better every season he plays. He is one of the smartest quarterbacks in the game today.

Not many have the mental side of the game down the way Tom Brady does. This guy can read a defense as well as any quarterback that has ever played the game. He makes it look effortless at times to pick apart the defense.

It is almost unfair to the other team’s in the NFL, but when you have a Tom Brady on your team, this is going to happen. The question now becomes how many more years can we expect Brady to perform at such a high level?

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  1. Calvin

    Most teams are playing a vanilla defense during preseason.I wouldn’t get all hyped up yet.


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