Tom Brady finally over came an obstetrical in the NFL. He beat Drew Bress and the New Orleans Saints. Brady and his New England Patriots handed the Saints their first loss of the 2013 season. The Patriots won a hard fought game 30-27.

It wasn’t the areal attack some were thinking it would be. The combined passing yards in a game that featured two of the top NFL quarterbacks of all time only added up to 505 yards. In today’s NFL there are games when a single quarterbacks stats could go over 500 yards.

This game would see the Patriots and the Saints rush the ball for 271 yards of combined rushing. Both team’s were trying to hammer out yards against the other team’s defense. Brady faced a bunch of pressure taking 5 sacks and only completing 25 of the 43 passes he attempted.

He wasn’t having a Brady typical day, but he played well enough, especially in the final minute to do what Tom Brady does best. He wins and he won against the team he hasn’t had a winning record of winning against.

Brady drove the team when he needed to drive them. He moved his Patriots to 5-1 on he season and he handed Drew Brees his first loss of the season. What more could Tom Brady ask for besides the win against the Bengals last  week?

After all Brady would really enjoy an Undefeated season.  But he will take 5-1…..

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