It was more than just a tough day at the office for New England quarterback Tom Brady in Cincinnati today. It was the end of his Patriots undefeated season.  They started their winning ways in Buffalo this season and they got their first loss in Cincinnati today.

It was like God opened the sky and told Belichick and Brady, that’s enough of this winning streak. You won 4 games in a row and now Mother Nature is going to stop you from making it 5 in a row.

The rains started coming down when the Patriots had the ball with just over 2 minutes left in the game, and the rains stopped once the Bengals intercepted the ball inside the 15 yard line. Brady was trying to add to his 38 career come from behind victories, but Mother Nature had other plans for the Patriots today.

New England didn’t get much going in the  game. Brady didn’t throw a touchdown in the game and this is a credit to how well the Bengals defense played against the Patriots. Of someone would have told you, Brady wouldn’t throw a touchdown against the Bengals before the game started, you would have though they were touched.

Brady was moving he team at the end, and he was doing what he could against the Bengals defense and mother nature, but it was raining so hard, he couldn’t put anything on his passes. He could hardly grip the football and it looked like it was slipping out of his hand as he tried to deliver it.

Never have I seen it rain this hard during a football game. Brady did well just to find his receivers running down the field in the last 2 minutes of the game. If only he could have found them one more time with 30 seconds left, he might have been able to at least send the game into overtime.

You know what they say, you can’t mess with Mother Nature and Tom Brady and his New England Patriots learned that first hand today when they suffered their first loss at the hands of the Bengals who had a little help from mother nature.

Not only did Brady fail to throw a touchdown in Cincinnati, he watched as the heavy rains took away any chance of him continuing his games with a TD pass fade away. The streak started against the Bengals and it ended against the Bengals…..

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  1. Christine Jacobia

    Saw Brady’s press conference…he looked tired! He’s been carrying that offense for so long, the weight got the better of him today and the rain didn’t help! Will these rookies ever learn to run their routes and hold onto the damn ball?


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