The Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin is hoping he found the answer to the Steelers being win-less this season. He banned game playing by his team in the locker room this week and he is hoping the team regained the focus they need to be a force in the AFC North.

Many think Tomlin should be banned from the Steelers side-lines and who can blame them. The fans are disgruntled with the team not being able to win this season. Some think Tomlin is running the Steelers into the ground.

He hasn’t been able to produce the same success as earlier coaches and the fans are losing their patience with him. The problem is the Steelers organization are dedicated to their coaches. They don’t fire head coaches in Pittsburgh and fans aren’t happy about that either.

Roethlisberger has had his brains beat out this season. The Steelers haven’t been able to proved Big Ben with the protection he needs to get the job done. Tomlin should have seen this problem heading into the season and he should have some better offensive line men to protect his aging quarterback.

If the Steelers lose in New York today that would make them 0-5, the fans won’t be happy and they will demand Tomlin’s head delivered on a silver platter. Coming off the bye week, the fans have to hope the Steelers are will rested and have found some answers to their problems.

If not they will expect a change and that change might include the firing of head coach Mike Tomlin.


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