Pittsburgh Steelers owner is no one to play poker with as Mike Wallace found out. Wallace is reportedly going to fold his hand in the game and show up to the Steelers facility and sign his offer the team made him. Wallace who really desired a long-term deal that would have paid him the kind of money a guy like Larry Fitzgerald makes found out the hard way the Pittsburgh Steelers do things their way and they don’t take kindly to players holding out for a better deal. The Steelers were ready to watch Wallace sit out for the 2012 season and the teams ownership who have done this for a very long time weren’t going to trade Wallace wither.

The Steelers will benefit from Wallace coming to his senses, he is one of the best receivers the team has. It is highly unlikely that we will see Wallace in the last preseason game and he will only have about a week to get ready for the regular season. Wallace is the Steelers deep threat and he should help the Steelers win this season. It is good to see him coming in before the regular season starts. Lets hope after this situation Wallace has learned this is not the way to negotiate with the Pittsburgh Steelers ownership.

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