The late great Bobby Jones left us in 1971, His Augusta National Golf Club was one of his major achievements. Jones had a vision to build a course that would stand alone to honor traditions. Yesterday those traditions at Augusta National changed. For years Augusta has withstood the pressures of women’s groups standing in protest outside of the grounds of this great course. Even when sponsors would boycott the Masters, somehow the Club would survive and get through the adversity.

Augusta National has long been the place the good old boy network took place. Some of the wealthiest business in America would make some of their biggest deals inside the historic club house.  As the days have slowly disappeared where only men were making multi-million  dollars deals in the business world, so have the traditions of Augusta National. No longer will the club that has denied some American Presidents from playing there deny women’s membership.

Augusta National has surrendered to the times. Now that one of the Masters biggest sponsors is ran by a very successful women, the club had little choice but to allow her membership to this prestigious club. For the first time in the History of  Augusta National they will be ordering those green jackets they so proudly wear in women’s sizes.

Former U.S. secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore will be the first women wearing them. What would Bobby Jones say, he may have asked to play through had he still been here….


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