Tim Tebow who had a chance to play for the New England Patriots in their 1st preseason game, out played Peyton Manning and people still want to hate Tebow. Lets face it, people don’t hate Tebow because of the way he plays, they hate him because of what he stands for.

Tebow completed 4 passes for 55 yards. Manning only completed 2 passes for 13 yards in his first preseason game and no one is ripping him apart. Tebow also rushed for 31 yards and he beat out 3 of the Patriots players in rushing yards. Tebow brings a whole new style of play to New England.

People need to back off and give the guy a chance to prove he can play football in the NFL. He took the Denver Broncos to the play-offs in 2011 and he beat the Steelers in the play offs with a perfectly thrown football in over-time. The guy can play football.

The hatred of Tim Tebow is totally unjustified. He plays football in the NFL and he gives it his all. The Patriots offensive coordinator knows Tebow can compete in the NFL. It is time for people to back off a bit and give the guy a chance. He is one of the only players left that  is truly a good example for today’s youth.

Yet people don’t want to cut him some slack and let him adjust to his new surroundings.  Tebow can and will help the Patriots win football games. He will give it his all. He just needs time to adjust. He did better than Manning in his first preseason game, yet people can’t see the forest through the trees….


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