Tiger Woods looked as though he was going to make a charge for his 15th major championship win, that was until he started to fall backwards in his 3rd round. Woods had to be hoping the rain would not only soften up the course at The Ocean Course in Kiawi Island he had to be hoping it could coll down the rest of the field. Having to finish the 3rd round on Sunday and getting ready for the final round takes a toll on the players. With Woods being 5 strokes back and having to mount a charge if he expects a come from behind victory you have to wonder what kind of toll t takes on Tiger Woods.

Tiger started his third round tied with a few others for the lead, Tiger couldn’t make a move in the right direction on moving day to capitalize on the good first two rounds he played. Woods could have possibly shot his way out of contention for the 94th PGA Championship. The only move Tiger made yesterday was a steady fall down the leader-board. Tigers 3rd round consisted of 5 bogeys, 3 birdies and 10 pars. Tiger seemed to be picking the wrong club on some of the holes you would think Tiger could take advantage of.

Missing the greens at the Ocean Course and getting up and down is no easy task. For a while it looked as though Tiger Woods was going to run out of gloves. He had to sign a couple of them and had them out to the spectators his ball continued to find. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This is not the Tiger Woods that once dominated the PGA tour putting fear in the players at the top of the leader-board. The old Tiger didn’t make mistakes like we saw yesterday before the rains came.

Tiger went out in 40, 4 strokes over par. The old Tiger would have taken advantage of being tied for the lead and would have never moved backwards on the leader board in a Major Tournament. If Tiger Woods will capture his 15th Major in 2012 he is going to need some help from the leaders. Tiger has to  hope they come back to the field and bit and he can play mistake proof golf to make a run at the PGA. In my opinion the Tiger Woods we see today is incapable of doing that…..


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