Max Scherzer is giving the Detroit Tigers fans something to cheer about, he has now won 12 games and is the first guy to get to 12-0 on the season in years. Scherzer is making it look easy. He is clearly the best pitcher in Major League Baseball this season.

He worked for 7 innings last night against the Rays and he got his 12th win in his 12th start. He only gave up 4 hits and 3 runs, 2 of those runs came off home runs. Scherzer is taking the top pitching spot away from Verlander this season.

The Tigers had a losing streak going and they needed to stop the bleeding. Putting Scherzer on the mound is almost a guarantee that the Tigers are going to get a win this season. The more wins Scherzer gets the more confidence the guy seems to have.

He is doing such a great job this season, some are wondering if he will be the first guy to get to 20-0. The Tigers have a great starting rotation and they reached out to give Verlander a giant contract extension before the season started.

They better figure out a way to make Scherzer a happy man with a long term deal. This guy is clearly the best pitcher in the Tigers rotation this season. Every team in MLB would love to add him to their roster.


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