Hey Jim Leyland, the rest of MLB could see the writing on the wall last season when Valverde was blowing save opportunities. They could see he was on his way down. Sure he had some saves for the Tigers, but if your memory was still as sharp as it once was, you would recall the games you really wanted to win that Valverde blew for the Tigers. You guys did yourselves a favor not bring Jose Valverde back to the Tigers. Maybe this season you won’t have to hold your breath while another American League Central team imploded so your Tigers can make it into the play offs.

The Tigers have some damn good pitchers and Valverde didn’t fit in with the group that is left in Detroit. If the rest of the teams haven’t reached out for the guy Leyland is in shock over, then why can’t Jim Leyland see that Valverde is used up?

Speaking of teams that imploded last season, wasn’t it Leyland’s Tigers that pulled that trick in the World Series? Another reason for Leyland to reconsider how long he stays in the game of baseball….




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  1. notgonnasay

    Leyland accompanied the Tigers twice to the WS. Can’t say he took them there. But he was manager when they went. Both times they imploded at the Series. Just bad luck? Maybe. But he was manager both times.


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