By Larry GLicken

The Detroit Tigers are proving money can’t buy you wins this season. The Tigers are four games back in the American League Central Division and have struggled in games they should have easily put away this season. The Tigers pitching staff have given up some close games in the late innings and the Tigers are in danger of losing the series to the Pittsburgh Pirates today. But wait, a trip to Cleveland to play a three game series against the first place Cleveland Indians could change things in a hurry.

Detroit ate the Indians for lunch last season. Can the Tigers be able to control the Indians again this season? Detroit had good outings last year with most of their pitchers. This season that doesn’t seem to be the case. The Tigers have seen guys like Valverde and Fister struggle this season. The Indians pitching staff has been able to handle some pretty good hitters this season too.  The Tigers are going to have to make this trip to Cleveland count, otherwise they could come out of Cleveland six or seven games back.

While there is still plenty of baseball to play this season, the Tigers are going to have to get it together and they should get it together quickly. The Indians may have a learned something about having a first half lead after last season and this year the Tribe may not make the seam mistakes they made last year. For the Tigers to be in third place at this piint in the season it has to come as a surprise to many. When Detroit travels to Cleveland Tuesday, these games will have the feel of play-off baseball, they always do.

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