Tiger Woods comes from behind to not only win the Memorial Tournament he also tied Jack Nicklaus in the number of wins with 73 on the PGA tour. Woods started today 4 strokes back, he knew what he had to do and he went out and played some great golf that included a great chip-in on the 16th hole for birdie when some thought he was going to shot him-self out of contention today.  Jack Nicklaus who was in the both hosting his event with CBS, said it was one of the greatest golf shots he had ever seen. Woods went with the Tiger fist pump he has made famous over the years.

Tiger Woods went on to shot a final round five under pair 67 that included two Bogies and 7 birdies today. It has to mean a lot to Tiger to tie Jack in career wins at his own Tournament. This was a day to remember for Woods and I am sure it will be one he never forgets. Now Woods has 73 PGA tour wins.

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  1. juan t. lizama

    Tiger’s shot is his Dad’s wishes – to tie Jack in Jack’s backyard.

  2. Albert Manipon

    for sports writers, i feel it’s time (again) to brush up on superlative adjectives…


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