When the PGA tour paired Rory McIlroy with Tiger Woods at the BMW Championship they knew they were going to see some great golf, how great was the question. Both Woods and McIlroy have made the turn posting 32 on their first nine-holes. Tiger Woods first nine included 5 birdies and 1 bogey while McIlroy’s included 3 birdies an eagle and 1 bogey. Woods playing with McIlroy is kind of reminiscent of Arnold Palmer walking the fairways with Jack Nicklaus years ago. Short of like the passing of the torch so to speak.

Woods knows that Rory McIlroy is the next young gun of the PGA tour and it has to be a thrill for Tiger to compete side by side with McIlroy, it has to be an even bigger thrill for Woods to shoot a competitive round next to the youngster today. Woods hasn’t been able to beat the kid lately. Hey it is the first round, there is plenty of golf left to be played and the two of them are on the front nine now. It does look like they are both off to a great start…

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