Tiger Woods begins the last major of the 2012 season at 8:30 A.M. tomorrow morning, win-lose or draw this is the last Major of 2012. Woods is favored to win although I don’t understand why. Tiger had a poor showing at Firestone in the WGC and he comes into the PGA as the favored. Who can figure out why Woods would be heavily favored. Tiger looked as though he would be there at the British open only to finish in  tied for third. Some say that’s not bad, by Tiger’s standards that isn’t good enough.

Woods truly set out to break the records of Jack Nicklous. Woods has stalled at 14 major wins. This year Tiger finished the Masters tied for 40th place. Then he finished the U.S. Open tied for 21st, yet Tiger Woods is favored to win the P.G.A. this week. Why? Why is Tiger the favored player in the last major of the year? Is it simply because these odds makers think Woods is going to win one of these things sooner or later? This way they can say they told us so.

The Woods that once walked the green grasses of these beautiful golf courses is gone. People don’t want to believe this, it is true. The era of Tiger Woods dominating the PGA tour is over. There are several reasons for this. The Tiger that won time after time is older now. He was once one of the greatest clutch putters out there. No more, he can’t count on making the putts that would put him on the top of the leader board. The other Major reason Tiger hasn’t won a major lately is the young talent on the tour these days.

These young guns are hitting the ball just as far if not further than Tiger hit it. The young guns on the tour today are not afraid to go after Woods. Just a few years ago the attitude on the tour when Woods was on top was that of being impressed. Today we have a group of guys that impress people on the P.G.A. Tour. The number of players that could win a major isn’t 2 or 3 anymore. These days there are 25 guys that can compete in a Major Championship. Look how many times we are seeing new winners these days. Tomorrow when Tiger woods goes off the 1oth tee on the Ocean course he has to make a move to put himself in the mix.

If he plays like he did last week, his shot of a Major in 2012 will fade quickly….

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  1. sportsbaron1

    “The young guns on the tour today are not afraid to go after Woods. Just a few years ago the attitude on the tour when Woods was on top was that of being impressed. ”

    LOOK. Let’s be honest here. The real reason Tiger’s peers aren’t afraid to “go after him” and “are no longer afraid of him” ISN’T because they’re golfing at the same stratospheric level that HE once did. NO, NO, NO: it’s because for the past two and a half years Tiger’s golfed DOWN to everyone else’s level. Nowadays he looks HUMAN–worse yet, ORDINARY–an adjective I never thought I’d use to describe Woods before he reached age 45 and was on the downside of his career. Interestingly, though, when fair haired boy Rory McIlroy last beat Tiger a couple of months ago he was asked what he was thinking as he headed down the home stretch towards victory. Do you recall his answer??? If not, I’ll refresh your memory: He said, “I SURE WISH IT WAS SOMEONE ELSE CHASING ME…”

    Now that’s an illuminating remark coming from one of many players who, prior to that tournament, claimed that no one on the tour fears Tiger anymore, isn’t it? As I said back then, if Tiger begins even APPROXIMATING his career pace for winning the tournaments he enters (roughly 26%–by far the best in the history of golf) his peers will fear him the same way they always have. MARK MY WORDS.

    Failing that, I’d be far more impressed with the verbal bravado of his peers if they were saying that they’re no longer fearful of Eldrick IF THEY WERE PLAYING AS MASTERFULLY AS TIGER DID PRIOR TO 2009…But they’re not–because they can’t.


    Santa Monica


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