Tiger Woods did something today he has never done before in his PGA tour career, Woods 3 putted four times in one round of golf. When was the last time Woods would 3 putt 4 times in one round of golf? Tiger Woods probably hasn’t done that since Jr. Golf somewhere. Woods finished his 3rd round at 72 1 over par for the day, he had 5 bogeys and 4 birdies today. Woods would take 31 putts today to get around Bethpage black and he still only finished 1 over par.

Tigers putting really held him out of the race today, he has been getting worse as the Barclays goes on. In his first round he had 28 putts, his 2nd he had 29 and today the 31 putts. If Woods could have gotten his putter going today he really would have been able to make a charge. If Woods is going to make up ground on the leaders he will have to get his putter under control before the final round starts tomorrow.  The leaders are 6 strokes ahead of Woods at the time of this article….

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  1. sportsbaron1

    So what else is new? It’s moving day, and Tiger did exactly that–only he went BACKWARDS, which is something he’s been doing regularly on Saturdays ever since his comeback began in 2009. I keep saying that this guy needs a sports psychologist in the worst way because the guy who used to storm from behind on weekends and scare his peers to death has pretty much been absent for almost three years now. The guy who thrilled (and spoiled) us with his masterful iron play and his clutch par saves and birdies in tight situations has vanished and an impostor has taken his place…Now if he would just QUIT PRESSING(and hire a shrink, as I suspect the two are related), we might just see the old Tiger Woods before long…

    Santa Monica

  2. Gary

    I believe that Tiger has gone from being the “indimidator” to where he is now the one being “intimidated”. In years past when he made a charge others just folded and faded away. But while he was away dealing with his personal and health issues a lot of new young pros have come on the scene that can match and beat him at times. I think that is on his mind constantly. He will win at times but I doubt he will ever dominate like he once did.


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