Tiger Woods picks up his third win of the 2012 season winning the AT&T National. Woods gets win 74 to pass the Great Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus. Many wondered of Woods would return to the form he once had before all his personal problems surfaced. Woods showed signs that he was back yesterday in his come from behind win. There are lots of people who don’t think Tiger will be back until he wins another major golf tournament. Hey, winning is winning. I know they majors are important, with the talent on the PGA tour today, winning any golf tournament is huge.

Woods is only 36 years old and he is in decent shape. If he plays another ten years he play in 40 more majors. It is hard to believe in 40 tournaments Tiger wouldn’t find a way to win one of those. Tiger had to overcome a lot to get back to where he is today, we have seen him lose his cool with the media over the Haney book, people asking him about the changes not only to his golf swing, but his life too. You have to admit Tiger Woods is a great golfer, he did how-ever bring some of his own problems upon himself with his actions. But for now at least things look  calm in his life and he just carded one more win than the Greatest Golfer that ever played the game, Jack Nicklaus.


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