There won’t be a 9th win at Bay Hill this year for Tiger Woods. He called the king, Arnold Palmer and told him he can’t play at the Palmer Invitational, because of the back problems Woods is suffering.

At age 38, could we be seeing the end of Tiger as a dominant force on the PGA Tour? Woods has suffered back problems since last August. We always said, Woods would win more majors than the Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus if he stayed healthy.

Tiger is anything but healthy this season. His back forced him to withdraw, at the Honda. It took him out of competition at Doral.

Now his back troubles are forcing him to miss one of the tournaments he loves the most. The Arnold Palmer Invitational. Players love to play at Bay Hill, because, after all, this is the tournament ran by the King.

For Woods to withdraw, before the event even starts, you have to question whether, he will be able to compete in the majors this season. Tigers career could be in question with the way his back is bothering him.

Tiger hasn’t won a major in years, and we seriously doubt he will win any this season. It could be over for the guy who once dominated the PGA Tour. Back problems can plague players for years.

Time is running out on Tigers career, and his back could be bringing an early retirement to one of golfs finest players.


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