It was just a couple of months ago, when we heard that Tiger Woods would put up a 120 million dollar prenup to remarry his ex-wife Elin Nordegren. She didn’t fall for that trick at all. As a matter of fact according to a Fox News Report, Nordegren played right through the offer from Woods.

Nordegren has been dating her Billionaire Neighbor reportedly since the holidays. Chris Cline a billionaire that made his fortune in the West Virgina coal industry. Cline is 53-years-old and it would seem that Nordegren who is 33-years-old fell for the older man. Not only is Cline older than Woods, he has more money than Tiger too.

Lets hope Cline knows what is good for him and he doesn’t get caught cheating on her. The last time that happened to Nordegren, well we know the story. The former Swedish model sure does know how to pick them doesn’t she?

If Cline knows what is god for him he would hide the coal shovels and not tell her where he keeps them.

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  1. tigress

    Watch out Chris, if you do just a tiny thing wrong she will take you for BILLIONS not just millions. If your smart you will get an iron clad prenup. I hope your smart enough to use your brain and not what’s in your pants, GET RID OF HER NOW, before it’s to late.


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