Tiger Woods got a giant injection of confidence after winning his 8th at Firestone. Woods took the lead at the Bridgestone Invitational on Friday and he never looked back. This is the Tiger that once dominated the PGA tour and put fear in the others eyes.

Many thought he was missing in action and they would be right. Woods hasn’t played this kind of golf in a while. Heading into the season’s last major, we have to wonder if Tiger can continue to play the kind of golf he played at the Firestone Country Club this past weekend.

Woods hasn’t won a major in years and he wants to get his 15th major win soon. Tiger is looking to break the record held by golf’s all-time best in Major Wins Jack Nicklaus. If Woods can claim the 2013 PGA he would be within 3 of tying Jack’s record.

The win at Firestone puts Woods within 3 wins of tying Byron Nelson in win totals. This was Tiger’s 79 win on the PGA tour. When Tiger won by 7 strokes at the Bridgestone, it had to be a boost to his confidence.

He was into just making pars and protect mode in his final round and the margin of victory may have been more if Tiger kicked it into attack mode in his final round. After the win Tiger said he has 3 days to get ready for the PGA.

He will be spending time fine tuning his game to get it ready to try and win his 15th major. Can Woods play this good 2 weeks in a row? We will soon find out.


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  1. tigress

    Tiger will win the PGA as long as the BIT## stays away. I think she is his biggest problem. She doesn’t know enough to keep her mouth shut. She knows Tiger is a private person and doesn’t like to have everything blabbed to the press. TIGER WILL WIN THE PGA.


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