Twigs. Yeah, that’s what Tiger Woods may as well be swinging these days. Or a mop or a broom.

His results under pressure in big tournaments would hardly be worse or more underwhelming if he did. After announcing that he was feeling confident in a press conference which took place the day before the first round of the final leg of the Tour Championships at East Lake this week, I cringed.

A real tiger doesn’t need inform anyone that he’s feeling confident—least of all his prey. Everyone just KNOWS. But this is a different Tiger—the Post 2009 Tiger who typically has one good round which fools many into thinking that the “old” Tiger is back followed by two mediocre rounds and a stinker that takes him out of contention on weekends.

I’ll admit that over the course of his career this guy has spoiled everybody with clutch performances that reminded us of no one else—and he used to do it frequently. But this impostor who walks, talks and looks like Tiger Woods has quite clearly morphed into something else—just another good golfer—of which there are many on the tour as it is.

He’s no longer special—doesn’t provide many “WOW, did you see THAT??!” moments anymore, and just sort of “taps and prays” his way through high pressure putts that he used to make blind folded. It’s almost a crying shame that THIS Tiger Woods can be described as “ordinary”—a characterization I never dreamed anyone would use on him before he reached age 50…



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