Tiger Woods is getting ready to try and win his 15th major golf tournament. The last thing he needs is bad news. Reports  say that Tiger’s home in Jupiter Florida is sinking. We have all seen pictures of homes in Florida that have been swallowed by giant sink holes.

We have never seen a home like Tiger’s being swallowed. Woods has to be very concerned. Tiger has hired a contractor to try and shore up his 10,000 square foot mansion in Jupiter Island Florida. Reports are saying that Tiger and his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn noticed walls cracking and doors rubbing against the floors.

That was the first sign Tiger  had that there was trouble at his house. A contractor is about to attempt to stabilize the structure by inserting giant screws called “helical piles” as far as 24 feet into the ground, according to county records.

Reports say that the house is worth just 2 million dollars but we find that hard to believe. Tiger’s ex-wife holds a $54 million-mortgage on the house! That means that Tiger has to take care of the place. The soil in Florida is conducive to houses sinking.

This short of thing happens a lot because the soil has a lot of organic matter that decomposes and the result is sinking house or building. Tiger needs to forget about his house trouble and focus on the first round of the PGA which starts today….

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