How many times is the PGA tour going to allow Tiger Woods to cheat in a golf tournament and not be disqualified? He clearly takes advantage of the rules at times and his character comes into question a lot.

Golf is a game of honor and Woods has proven himself less than honorable both on and off the golf course. He gets caught cheating more than any other top ranked golfer in PGA history and he doesn’t get disqualified.

He latest event comes at the BMW championship. Woods moved the ball on his first hole and failed to call the penalty on himself.  He didn’t learn of the 2 stroke penalty until he was in the scoring tent.

Why is that? Woods had played the game of golf long enough to know if he moved the ball or not. His eyes certainly are good enough to see if he moved the ball or not. Woods is playing stupid.

He tries to act as if he doesn’t know if he moved the ball or not when it was him who moved the ball. The incident happened when Woods hit his second shot over the green on the first hole he was playing.

He hit the ball into the trees behind the first green and a film crew who was filming for PGA entertainment captures the ball moving on video that they sent into the PGA.

Now, if they could see the ball being moved, how does this escape Tiger Woods? The guy surely could see whether the ball moved.

After the PGA informed Woods of the 2 stoke penalty, he actually became mad about it. He stormed out of the scoring room and wouldn’t even talk to reporters.

How long is the PGA going to continue to cut him this kind of slack. Woods clearly knew whether or not the ball moved. The PGA has disqualified others in the past for signing an incorrect scorecard, why won’t they do the same for Woods?

It all comes down to television viewers, when Woods is playing, the PGA has a higher viewership. The man has no honor. We have seen it in his personal life and we have seen it on the golf course.

Golf is supposed to be a game of honor, over the years we have seen other great players asses themselves penalties and we have yet to see Woods do that. It is time the PGA does the right thing and that would include a disqualification of Tiger Woods.



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  1. bibol

    That is a racist comment. It is the same for the President. You cannot say anything bad about him either.

  2. dale mccutcheon

    I would have to say that you are the dumbest commentator I’ve ever read. Tiger Woods “made” the game as it is currently being promoted and televised as I’m sure you are well aware. So you, dumbass “offended” as you are try to create some sort of issue with this crap article. Go back to NASCAR or mudbogging where you belong.

    • LG

      So it is OK for him to cheat right?

    • bibol

      I would say you are a liar. He made the game as it is currently being promoted.I have watched golf for years on TV and read about in the paper. Way before Tiger Woods.

  3. Paul Miklo

    Once a cheater always a cheater!
    PGA should stop giving him a preferential treatment; people are getting sick of it.

  4. Golfert

    That is one of the most ignorant statements and headings for an article. They had and still do have a difference of opinion. When the rules of golf were written they did not know about instant replay that could be magnified many times over. They left it up to the honor of the golfer and what he/she saw with the naked eye. Without seeing the greatly magnified ball movement I could not tell either. The review of this situation is just another example of the powers that be trying to bring down Tiger and he has every right to be pissed off.

    • LG

      If you are moving something and your ball moves then you call the penalty. In yesterday’s round Justin rose took a practice swing hit the turf a little too hard the grass moved his ball a little and he called it and called over an official. He knows the rules and wanted to be extra sure to get it right…..

    • Colorado Golf

      You leave it up to the ‘honor of the golfer’? Really? Woods has cheated on and off the course for years. He has no honor. Google ‘Tiger Woods Racist Esquire Magazine’…and you will see he is a racist against his own race…he tells racist black jokes and calls himself a ‘Cablinasian’so he can pretend he is not black. HONOR??? I have to laugh…

  5. Big Kielbasa

    This Co^k sucker has gotten away with this for years,failure to call a penalty on himself to having a two ton boulder by his dumb a$$ fans to improve his shot. o other golfer would do this but tiger is above the rules. Just because he brings his screaming get in the hole fans to the course or improve the t v ratings does not mean a thing to the credibility of the game.

    • LG

      You are right, it all started when they move the bolder. I thought that was BS too. Golf is played by one guy not a bunch of fans to improve your lie….

  6. Jim Mark

    The penalty of disqualification in stroke play is imposed NOT for moving the ball in the process of moving a loose impediment, but for the act of signing an incorrect scorecard. Since Tiger corrected the scorecard BEFORE signing it, he was correctly NOT disqualified. Since Tiger’s eyes are in his face, and not between his HEELS like the viewpoint of the video camera, I can also easily see why he could have a different opinion as to whether the ball had moved.

    • Anonymous

      bull fxxking sxxt

  7. Dr. J

    Golfert and Jim Mark have it right.TV replays showed the ball moving slightly downward (maybe the width of two rows of dimples), in slow motion, magnified, and watched several times from an almost ground-level view.That would be much harder to detect looking straight down, in the heat of competition, with just one look.How many of us would like to have our every action replayed and reported to the authorities (like when you’re driving)?…As was also pointed out, the penalty for signing an incorrect scorecard is being DQ’d, but if it was pointed out to him, and he changed the number before signing it, he’s still in the tournament…I can see why the writer of this rant declined to have his name attached.

  8. Colorado Golf

    I agree 100%. Besides the 4 times he has been caught cheating this year, if you remember years ago in the desert, he hit his drive way left into the desert area and had 8 spectators move a HUGE, thousand pound boulder in his way, claiming it was a ‘loose impediment’. He will do anything to win, cheating included, and your observation about it being about TV ratings is spot on. Any other player gets DQ’d and after this many times, kicked off the PGA tour. Vijay Sing was kicked off the Asian tour 20+ years ago for cheating. Woods is WAY worse than Sing, he should be kicked off…though we know the spineless lizards from TV and the PGA won’t ever have the testicles to do it.


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