The days of Tiger Woods dominating the PGA tour may be gone forever. His final round at the Honda Classic from The PGA National Champion Course, shows that Tiger still has plenty of problems with his golf game. Tigers final round 74 was full of bogey’s and double bogeys shows that Tiger is still in search of some consistency in his golf swing. Woods had just 2 birdies in his final round that contained 2 double bogeys, 4 bogeys and one eagle.

Woods finished his day tied for 37th with 3 other players. The world’s number two player doesn’t look like he is deserving of the title Worlds Number 2. He almost looked like a weekend hacker out their. This is not the Tiger Woods we have grown to know. With the Masters coming in just over a month, Woods is still favored. The odds makers have to be thinking that Tiger has found his game because he won one tournament this season. Nothing could be further than the truth. Woods is still struggling to find the game he once had….


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  1. tigress

    Tiger WILL be the Tiger we all knew and loved. He will be back to the Tiger of old and will be winning again. Why do you reporters always have to be so negative? You know, even when Tiger was No.1 he didn’t win all his games and you never ran him down when he lost, so why are you doing it now? Just leave all your negative comments to yourselves.


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