38-year-old Tiger Woods has a bulging disk in his back. Woods may not be able to play in the Masters, which is only weeks away. The good news for Tiger is surgery is not needed at this time.

This is is what someone in know is reporting. Tiger’s agent, Mark Steinberg won’t confirm the report. When asked about possibly missing the first major golf tournament of the season, Woods said it was too early to know if he will miss it or not.

Tiger said; “I will continue to be evaluated and work closely with my doctors.”

Anyone who has suffered a back problem knows it takes time for a bulging disk to settle down. Woods will have to work closely with his doctors to find a way to deal with this condition.

A bulging disk can put pressure on the nerve roots that run down your legs and make it difficult to walk at times.

2014 hasn’t started the way Tiger would have liked. He has struggled and now he is struggling with a very nagging back condition. We will have to wait and see if Tiger can play at Augusta.

At the present time, I wouldn’t bet on Tiger being at Augusta. He really needs to get this back condition under control, before he returns to swinging the golf club.

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