Tiger Woods, the man who made 100 million dollars just in PGA tour earnings, came out and said he can sympathize with Phil Mickelson. Woods has admitted to leaving California and moving to Florida in 1996 because of the higher California state tax. Woods has made hundreds of millions of dollars because of his fame on the PGA tour. He said Mickelson may be able to explain things better, but there was no doubt that Tiger left California and moved to Florida because of the higher state tax.

Woods is one of the highest earners in modern times on the PGA tour, he leads in career earnings and bring in more from sponsors than any other golfer in modern times. Mickelson is not too far behind Woods in endorsements.  It should be interesting to get the full story from Phil, now that Tiger has come out and made the statements he has made. Not only do you have to avoid the rough on the PGA tour these days, you have to avoid living in states with such a high tax rate.


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