Tiger Woods must not the same off the course as what we see on the course. His girlfriend Lindsey Vonn said he is dorky-goofy in a recent interview she did with Katie Couric.

Vonn, the professional skier sat down with Katie Couric recently to talk about her relationship with the PGA Tour champ. Imagine that, the only reason she sat down with Couric was to talk about her relationship with Woods.

Just think, if she wasn’t famous herself and she didn’t have a relationship with Tiger Woods, then the two of them, Couric and Vonn would have nothing to talk about.

Vonn, said Tiger is always making jokes, and the two have “very similar personalities. This is not the Tiger we see straight-faced while he is doing battle on the golf course. he must have once heck of a great sense of humor to let Vonn go out and tell the world what a dork he is.

Von said if there was one thing she could say that would describe Tiger, is that he is funny and he is dorky funny. He’s goofy — like dorky-goofy she went on to say.

They did get around to discussing Vonn’s return to professional skiing after she was done telling the world what a dork Tiger was.

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