For the first time in his professional PGA tour career, Tiger Woods won’t be around at Torrey Pines on Sunday. Woods had a horrific third round. He couldn’t chip to save his life, and he struggled to break 80.

Following his 3rd round, Woods was asked to do an interview with CBS sports and his response was, “No I’m done.” Then Tiger immediately climbed into a white van and left the Golf course.

This is one of the worse scores Woods has ever made on American soil, Woods knows Torry Pines very well. He has won there 8 times in his career. This time it was his short game that let him down.

Woods usually chips very well, but he wasn’t able to do that in his 3rd round. Woods struggled to hit the greens in regulation and he paid the price for it.

Tiger wasn’t very happy and he showed what a poor sport he can be by blowing off the CBS interview request. This could be another year that Tiger fails to card another Major victory.

He has chased Jack’s record for some time now, and Woods doesn’t have the focus that is required to win golf tournaments at present. You can almost say he missed the cut on his home course. Woods has played a lot of golf at Torrey Pines, but he won’t be playing there today…..



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  1. Rich

    Where do you get’blows off’? CBS said that Tiger refused POLITELY> Hardly means blows off.

    • LG

      He said no, he was done. What else do you expect CBS to say???

  2. chris westerley

    The pic of Tiger shown was the exact look he had when he was blowing his nut into that coffee shop waitress, Mindy Lawton, while on Elin’s bed.

  3. gary

    I don’t agree with your saying blows off CBS. They said he politely refused, and after a day like he had he was entitled to some time to himself and you would know that if you ever had a day like he had while playing a sport. The closest you probably came to playing a sport was watching one on TV, otherwise you would choose your words more carefully. I would expect this from Brandel Chamblee, not you.

    • LG

      Whether you agree or not is not relevant.They asked Tiger to do the interview, he looked at them and told them No he was done,climbed in a white van and was driven away. The polite thing to do would have been to do the interview. He played terrible and he didn’t want to answer questions about it. So he blew them off…

  4. Wm Holland

    You writers seem reluctant to place the blame where it belongs,i,e, ‘his short game let him down’.

    • LG

      You’re right he had no short game this week and he is a much better short game player than we saw at Torrey.


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