The Pittsburgh Steelers may be kidding themselves when it comes to Mike Wallace not looking good to other NFL teams. I can think of at least three teams that could immediately benefit having Mike Wallace on their team. The Cleveland Browns are the first that comes to mind. The Browns need a wide receiver that is a threat. Currently the Browns have no one on their roster other NFL teams feel threatened by. The Browns have an owner in Randy Learner who could afford to pay Mike Wallace more money then the Steelers are offering.

The second team that comes to mind is the Washington Redskins. The Redskins traded with the Rams for the second pick in this years up-coming NFL draft. The main problem with the Redskins trying to acquire a receiver with Mike Wallace’s talents may be the salary cap. The Skins are already having to shift things around getting ready to pick a top ranked quarterback. When the Skins take either Andrew Luck or RGIII having a guy like Mike Wallace would immediately make the Washington Redskins a threat.

The third team that comes to mind is the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins not only need a big play receiver like Mike Wallace could be, they are in need of a quarterback. If somehow the Dolphins come up big with a quarterback a guy like Mike Wallace could be huge to add to their roster. What ever happens in 13 days with the NFL draft, rest assured there are NFL teams out there searching for a guy like Mike Wallace.



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