Yes, the Cincinnati Bengals were the team chosen to take control of the AFC North this season. But after seeing how poorly Andy Dalton played against the Browns this past Sunday, I can’t see them beating the 4-0 New England Patriots this week. It has to be a tough week to be a Cincinnati fan.

First it was the Bengals being embarrassed by the Cleveland Browns and then it was their baseball team getting knock out of the play offs before they ever got in by losing their wild card bid. To make matters worse the team that eliminated them happened to be from Pittsburgh. That makes 2 straight losses that the fans took, from 2 cities they hate the most.

Now the hope of a city falls on the shoulder of Dalton and his Bengals. After seeing how incapable he was in Cleveland, I don’t think he is up for the task. The Bengals didn’t do very well keeping the pressure from Dalton in week 4 and we all know what a great student of the game the Patriots head coach is.

The Bengals have to know that New England is going to come after their quarterback. They have to know that it could be a repeat of what happened last week. The other problem is, this week the Bengals face the teacher of the student that kicked their butts offensively last week.

Tom Brady will expose every weakness in the Bengals secondary. With three of their players injured last week, the Bengals better hope these guys are in better shape this week. Brady loves to throw the football and even with some new young talent on the Patriots team, with their banged up secondary the Bengals are going to have a tough time stopping him.

I wonder how much more loss the good people in Cincinnati can take in one weeks time. They may have another coming their way this Sunday.


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