James Harrison is now a Cincinnati Bengal. The team signed the former Pittsburgh Steelers hit man to a two-year contract with the Cincinnati Bengals. Recent reports had Harrison hating the Steelers, now he will get to face his former team 2 times in prime time in the up-coning 2013 season.

If that isn’t bad enough, he could do it again in 2014 if he stays healthy.  There is nothing worse than a scorn Harrison facing his former team. Harrison was known in the AFC North as a guy who liked to give his opponents quarterbacks concussions. he knocked out more than a few guys.

If Mr. Rooney, thought he had a problem protecting Ben Roethlisberger last season, he is in for a rude awakening this year. Harrison will make his number one goal, proving to Pittsburgh they made a mistake.

It cold cost the Steelers their quarterback. Harrison is a ruthless killer when he wants to be. He is going to go after Big Ben and if he is able to hit him, he will make the entire Steelers organization pay the price for the way they ended his career in Pittsburgh.

If I were Mr. Rooney, I would consider taking out a larger life insurance policy on Roehtlisberger. The Chiefs almost killed him last year and they had nothing to prove. Harrison is going to be coming after Big Ben with plenty to prove.

If he gets to the quarterback, he just may be able to prove it too. Mike Tomlin reportedly didn’t want to lose Harrison, and when the Cincinnati Bengals play the Steelers this season, Dan Rooney is going to find out why……..




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