Can you imagine giving the guy who picked Colin Kaepernick and made him the teams starting quarterback 15 picks in the upcoming NFL draft? It could happen, Jim Harbaugh and his San Francisco 49ers would come out with some incredible talent to add to an already incredibly talented team with 15 picks in the draft. It is hardly fair. Just think how dominating a team that has already dominated the NFC west for the last 2 season’s would be, if all the cards fall into place.

The 49ers already have 11 picks in the draft. They could gain 3 more through free agent losses and when the Alex Smith deal is complete, they could get one more pick. Add them up people, that comes to 15 picks. That is more picks than players on the field. The 49ers are on a mission to build something that is going to be indestructible. It is looking like the return of the glory days to San Fransisco is almost here. If not it is just around the corner.

The Niners have 24 regular season wins over the last 2 seasons. It doesn’t look like the win total is going to slow down any time soon. Get used to it people, we are going to see the 49ers at the top of their division for the next several years. I wouldn’t be surprised if they add a couple of Super Bowl victories along the way as well. Harbaugh is building a dynasty I am telling you. Bank on it……


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