We knew with this kid came out of high-school to play  NBA basketball he was going to be special. We didn’t know at the time how special LeBron James was going to be. As time went on we saw James set all kinds of NBA records,now he is making history again. James just finished his 6th game in a row where he shot 60% or better from the field and scored 30 points or more. The other players in the NBA must be thinking, “Here He Goes Again”. James does something special every season. The way he plays the game of basketball, he is going to lead in most records before his extraordinary career is over.

James and his Miami Heat team continues to play better each season. If LeBron does indeed make the choice to leave the team after his present contract expires, he will just set records for another NBA franchise. James is that good, he can take his talent to any other team in the NBA and continue to play at the level we are accustomed to.


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