For the past week all we have been hearing about is the style choices of 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. Let me tell you, I am sick of hearing about Harbaugh’s 8 dollar pants from Walmart.

If Harbaugh likes wearing pants from Walmart, then let him. The 49ers have their biggest game of the season and people are only talking about the head coaches style choices.

Are you kidding me? What about the job Harbaugh has done this season getting his team within one game of making back to back Super Bowl appearances? If he gets one more win, they are in.

But no, we are all concerned about how a guy who makes 5 million dollars a year can wear pants he spends 8 bucks on from Walmart. People are crazy. This is a great football team.

We should be talking about how great Harbaugh has his 49ers playing this season. The coach has done a great job with the team. He has kept Colin Kaepernick focused this season and that wasn’t an easy task with how he started this season.

Harbaugh has his guys ready to play against the Seahawks. This is going to be an old fashion battle, one the NFL hasn’t seen in some time.

It doesn’t matter what kind of pants, Harbaugh is going to be wearing. What matters is, he has his 49ers focused on beating the Seahawks. If he doesn’t, I doubt anyone would blame it on the 8 dollar pants from Walmart….

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