So, just when you thought you have heard it all about Alex Rodriguez the truth comes out about him busting his peers. What a scum this guy is. He wants to sue MLB and he takes down players in the process

Back in the day, they knew how to deal with rats like Rodriguez. They would have taken him for a ride down by the river and maybe, he would have disappeared. Those day are over in the big apple and lucky for Rodriguez they are.

Otherwise they would have dealt with this rat in a way that wouldn’t be too flattering for him. Rodriguez continues to sink to new lows. His camp is responsible for leaking documents that tied not only one of his teammates to the Biogenesis PED scandal but also implicated several players from around MLB.

Rodriguez is too much of a wimp to take the rap by himself. He has no self-respect left at this time in his life and he doesn’t even deserve to be living in America. If the others he help to bust had their way I am sure some of them would love to take a bat to his legs.

Rodriguez has sunk to an all time low and even a worm like him continues to amaze us with his stupidity. It is far past time for MLB to grid rid of this scum. Rodriguez has no place in baseball or anywhere else for that matter…..

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