What can we say about Russell Wilson that hasn’t been said all season? He won his first NFL play-off game that’s what we can say. He beat the Washington Redskins who drafted their own rookie quarterback this season and made it into the NFL play-offs. Russell Wilson is now one of the Rookie starting NFL quarterbacks that helped take his team to the play offs, he is the only rookie left standing that starts at the quarterback position for his team left in the play-offs. The both guys taken ahead of Wilson have been eliminated from the play offs and the guy taken in the 3rd round of the 2012 NFL draft is still standing.

The Seattle Seahawks got off to a slow start in the wildcard game against the Redskins, they fell behind in the 1st quarter 14-0. Wilson was able to stand in and lead his team to a win over the high-powered Washington Redskins offense powered by RGIII. Wilson completed 15 of the 26 passes he threw for 187 yards and one touchdown in the game. Wilson just might be the best rookie quarterback taken in the 2012 draft.

The guy shows the poise of a seasoned veteran that has played the game for years. He does nothing but win and the win in his first NFL play-off game is huge for the Seahawks. Never before has so many rookie quarterbacks taken their teams into the NFL play-offs. 2012 was a remarkable season for these rookies and 2013 looks good for Wilson so far. The Seahawks will now move into the next round of the NFL play-offs and with the way Wilson is playing, who knows he just may be able to take this team all the way to the Super Bowl.



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