Things are changing fast for the Lakers. First they lost Howard and now the team has waved their forward, Metta World Peace. Who will become the new bad boy for the Lakers with Peace gone? The Lakers are under what I would call a serous rebuilding year.

In the 2013-14 season I would expect the Lakers to be only a .500 team and that is giving them some credit for time served. Who knows how the great Kobe is going to perform coming back off of injury. Letting go of Peace only proves that the Lakers are in a rebuilding campaign.

The Lakers may not be LA’s team anymore, the tide is turning and the Clippers could take over as the number one team in the NBA in LA. If the Lakers can’t fill the gaps that are being left open, it is going to be a very long season in LA. Bryant may want to consider a trade or better yet the guy could consider retirement.

Time is running out for the Lakers ot get Kobe another ring and with the dismantling of the team these days it may  already be too late.  The Lakers have a lot of decisions to make and they better start making them soon. Letting go of Bynum to get Howard wasn’t a smart move but I guess hind-sight is always 20-20..

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