The Oakland Raiders have to consider Terrelle Pryor as the team’s starting QB. They can’t have a repeat of the 2012 season and finish in the AFC West with a 4-12 record. It is time to turn the team’s offense over to a guy that is hungry to win.

Pryor is the only guy on the Raiders roster that fits the mold of being hungry to win. Oakland is having a terrible preseason and Pryor outperformed the other 2 QB’s in last nights preseason loss to the Chicago Bears.

Matt Flynn is a back up at best He had a couple of good games while he was in Green Bay and if you look at his performance last night, you have to come away scratching your head. Flynn isn’t the guy who is going to take the Raiders out of the hole the team has dub itself into.

Pryor only missed on 2 of his passing attempts last night. He completed 7 of 9 and had a touchdown. The thing that should be impressing the Oakland coaching staff is that he didn’t throw any interceptions. Flynn only played a limited amount of snaps.

He only completed half of his 6 passes and comes away with a 17.4 quarterback rating. Flynn is ranked 40th in passing this preseason. For a guy who has been around the NFL as long as Flynn has that isn’t very good. Flynn fits the role of being a back up quarterback.

He is satisfied riding the sidelines with a clip board in his hands and collecting a pay check. In other words Flynn isn’t hungry enough to take the Raiders into a winning season.

Pryor is the guy the Raider should start to give the team a shot of a winning season. The Raiders should make a statement that they want to compete and they should start Pryor. Anything less doesn’t show the team’s commitment to winning.

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  1. Dale

    Another vote for TP to start.

  2. Gerard de Marigny

    Don’t count Matt McGloin out. TP should be starting and McGloin should be #2. Flynn should be traded.


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