Some are stunned that Jim Harbaugh is sticking with Colin Kaepernick as the 49ers starter going forward, this kid brings a solid arm with the ability to run in the NFL to the table. The 49ers have done very well with Colin Kaepernick in their last two games. Smith was a good quarterback, Colin Kaepernick is a bit better. The kid is strong and seems to have the heart of a champion. When Smith went down with a concussion, Kaepernick came in against  tough Bears defense and didn’t think nothing about it as he handed the Chicago Bears one of the teams worse loss of the season.

Jim Harbaugh sees something in Colin Kaepernick  that makes him feel beter about competing for the Super Bowl, is Harbaugh right? So far it seems like he knows what he is doing. Harbaugh is a no nonsense NFL coach he makes decisions quickly and moves forward fast. More teams could use a coach like Jim HArbaugh, he has been able to turn the San Francisco 49ers into the franchise they once looked like. The 49ers are returning to the glory days of the past and with Colin Kaepernick  at the Q.B. position it isn’t going to be very long before we see this team in the big game. Harbaugh is building a winner folks.

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