By Alyssa Noe

It seems to be the “Year of the Rookie Quarterbacks.” Everyone’s talking about it. Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, Ryan Tannehill and Brandon Weeden are making headlines this season. The only year that compares to this one is that infamous class of ’83. Six first round picks; John Elway, Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Tony Eason, Todd Blackledge and Ken O’Brien stunned the league with their talent. With that, four were selected to play in the Pro Bowl and three making it all the way to the coveted Hall of Fame. The only draft since to have such a significant number of first round quarterback’s was in 1999…until now.

This special class of 2012 has 1983-potential written all over it. Although the amount of QB’s fall in comparison to the six drafted first round 29 years ago; most of these players have something electric about them. Almost all of them have taken a repulsive to mediocre team above and beyond these past 14 weeks; something only QB’s worth talking about can do. It may be to early to tell who will shine enough for the Hall of Fame or who will win their team’s Superbowls, but one thing is definite; I can’t stop watching these rookies.

First and foremost, lets talk RG3. From my previous posts, if you follow, you know I’m a huge fan. He takes what seems like a minimal gain play into a first down and it blows you away every time. RG is changing the position with his diverse talents from that pinpoint arm to the precision speed he’s developed. He’s smart and can make a gain out of nothing; something many rookie’s struggle with. It’s uncommon to see such a mentally smart first year QB but with RG3 and the rest of the 2012 class; they’re becoming the extraordinary. The Redskin’s playbook is so deep because of this guy. They’re able to have such diversity within it because of how diverse RG’s talents are. Once the Redskins start building around RG3 they will be a force not only in the NFC East but within the whole league. I hate to say it, but I saw this injury coming. I’m hoping it’s not serious, but when a quarterback is that frequently out of the pocket there’s no doubt the defense will be all over him. He’s young so I’m sure he can bounce back from this injury but once the years go on time will catch up to him and his age will become a factor in all of this. Can this affect his chances at Superbowl titles or even a Hall of Fame selection…absolutely. Like I said, he’s a smart player and I’m sure he’ll make the necessary adjustments to stay 100% for as long as he’s needed.

What about Ryan Tannehill? He isn’t making as much of a spark as the other 3 but you gotta give this guy some credit. He seems to be pretty inconsistent but that’s how rookie QB’s start off, am I right? It’s tough to be thrown into a group consisting of Luck, Griffin, and Wilson then expected to have comparable numbers. His division is, well pretty crappy, but he’s tied for third with the Bills, which is better than last. Look, I’m just trying to give this guy a break because I do see talent in his skills. I think with more experience he can make a name for himself, unfortunately he’ll be hidden behind the other three’s extraordinary work this season. Well one thing’s for sure, he won’t be winning Rookie of the Year.

Brandon Weeden is another rookie hidden from the limelight. He has a perfect NFL frame with a 6’4 height and weighing in at  221 lbs. He has such a quick release, which I think is his best asset. He understands route progressions and where to pinpoint the ball for an oncoming receiver perfectly. Weeden is very weak out of the pocket. That accuracy I was just talking about greatly decreases once he’s scrambling. Although all of these weakness’ are quite strong, I think he’s a smart leader and will help the Browns more than hurt them.

Then there’s The Great Andrew Luck. There’s no doubt how amazing this kid is. He shines on the field and the story of the Colts this season is a touching one. He took a miserable team with a heinous record into a battle to win AFC  South. As we all know head coach Chuck Pagano is fighting Leukemia, so the team has a lot of fight in them. Everyone in the squad supports Luck and what he’s trying to do with an admirable amount of hard work and dedication for each and every game. Luck has the team at a nice 8-4 place in the AFC’s no. 5 spot. When it come’s to stat’s Luck won’t blow you away, but i’m not a huge believer in numbers. He’s turning into a very clutch QB with several last minute winning drives, something not many rookie’s have in them. I think this kid has a lot of will power and I love what he’s been doing for the Indianapolis Colts.

How could I forget Russell Wilson. He’s consistently improving as the weeks go on. This kid has thrown more touchdown passes than any other rookie QB, which should not be overlooked. Apparently he’s addicted to tape which I find admirable in any football player. In week 13, Wilson held the highest home passer rating over all quarterbacks in the league. He has the numbers to support a chance at Rookie of the Year, let’s see if he can keep it up.

Now the only question is…who will win Rookie of the Year?

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