By Larry GLicken

For all you Yankees fans who think Jeter is going to be playing this weekend, take one step forward. Jeter is not going to be playing baseball anytime soon. He came back for one game and he is injured again.

Jeter is out with strained right quadriceps, eh suffered the injury in yesterday’s game and he had to be pulled out of the line-up. New York has to consider saying good-bye to the 38-year-old team captain. The guy can’t play for ever and he is obviously past the point of being able to play major league baseball.

Don’t get me wrong Yankee fans, the guy has all the tools but he no longer has the legs needed to perform on a major league level. He has tried to make a come back since spring training. I said it then and I’ll say it now, Jeter needs to call it quits.

He has had a heck of a career and he will make it into the baseball hall of fame in no time. It’s time New York, it’s time to say good-bye to Derek Jeter, he is over the hill and many will tell you the legs go first. Just ask Derek Jeter.


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