You could tell, Geno Smith was more than a little disappointed when, he wasn’t taken in the first round of the NFL draft. The question I have to ask now is, if Smith is happy being taken by the New York Jets with the 39th pick in the 2013 NFL draft?

Going to the New York Jets, is like taking part in the circus. The head ring leader Rex Ryan, likes it that way. If the Jets were smart, (which they aren’t) they would have parted ways with Ryan long before now. Ryan reminds me of a substitute teacher in a 10th grade English class that can’t control the students.

Smith, who had the numbers in 2012, to be taken in the first round of the draft, has no idea what a quagmire he is walking into. The Jets can’t even get along with each other in the team’s locker room. Another reason Ryan should have been fired, but we will have plenty of time to discuss him.

The fans in New York City, have to be wondering what the hell, the Jets are doing by taking Smith with the drafts 39th pick. They have more than enough controversy with quarterbacks in New York. They didn’t need to add to the problem.

Yet, in the team’s glorious way to create further disruption to the football program, they reached out to promote more controversy. The Jets can’t seem to get it right. It not only shows on the field, it shows in every action the team takes throughout the off-season.

Things have to change in order for the Jets to be taken seriously. Having Geno Smith in the mix isn’t conducive to the change the team is in need of. It is only going to add to the lingering problems the Jets have created for themselves.

The Jets are in for another disappointing season, of less than mediocre football produced by a team with no leader. It starts at the top and it runs down hill. Get use to it New York. Things aren’t going to change for you this season.


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