The World Series Has started. It’s a great match up. The Sox, baseball’s best team vs. its best organization the Cardinals. I gave up years ago trying pick holes in St. Louis; everything they do comes up aces. No matter who leaves, retires or gets traded they just keep winning games, winning divisions, and World Series. They pee champagne and pop gold bullion.

They’re sickening, but you gotta give them their due. Really though, I thought the best 4 teams made it to the finals and while the 2 best teams in most all our minds won the pennants, I would have been entertained by any of the potential match ups, whether the Cards made it or not.

The Red Sox are a logical pick for me as the better team that also seems to have destiny on its side (even more so since Big Papi’s epic 8th inning grand slam in game 2…) But a moment please. While every logical bone in my body told me the Dodgers’ pitching edge and power would win the Pennant, my gut told me the Cardinals would find some way to get it to a game 7 with Wainwright on the mound and win the pennant.

The fact that they did it in 6 and beat both Dodger aces in games 1 & 2 proves just how hard they are to kill.

The Sox have to sit a big piece of their offense in games 3-5 no matter what they choose to do at 1B, and the Cards get back their best offensive player when they play in Boston because of the DH ironically which is normally the punishment games for national league teams in the World Series. This will be is a slam bash of a fall classic.

Finally, of the many reasons the Sox beat the Tigers, Detroit’s acid pen was as big as any of them. A one legged Cabrera, and a fat Fielder being historically one of the worst post season players in memory didn’t help either.

While the Tigers pen threw gas on every fire all season long, the Cards bullpen just throws gas.


Redbirds in 7.


Kevin Burton,

Staten Island



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