Chicago lost two games to the worst team in the A.L. Central division. They sent Hector Santiago to the mound last night to try and shut down what has been the worse team in M.L.B. since the all-star break. Santiago  couldn’t get the job down as he gave up 5 hits and 3 runs only working 3-1/3 innings. That wasn’t what the White Sox were hoping for. The White Sox now trial the Detroit Tigers in the A.L. Central and only have 7 games left in the regular season. The last thing the White Sox needed was to lose 2 straight to the Cleveland Indians.

Chicago somehow managed to stay on top of the division all year, with only 7 games left and being behind the Tigers by a game, the team really needs to make a charge now. The problem for the White Sox is they start a series with the Tampa Bay Rays now and this team is much tougher than Cleveland. The Rays have nothing to lose being 5 games back in their division and Chicago could be in big trouble after this series. It all comes down to these last seven games for the White Sox, they have four with the Rays, then nit is  to Cleveland for the final 3 games of the season with the Indians who just beat them 2 out of 3 games.

The White Sox are in a must win situation if they plan on taking a division title this season. It doesn’t look good for the team that has looked good all season. The White Sox have to win….

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