Just moments ago Quarterback Colt McCoy signed a deal that will bring him to the Washington Redskins. It isn’t clear what role McCoy will play with the Redskins, they have RGII and a solid back up in Kirk Cousins.  McCoy spent last season with the San Francisco 49ers as a backup to Kampernick.

McCoy was with the Cleveland Browns before that, but was traded in favor of Brandon Weeden, who ended up being a bust out and a waste of a first round pick by the Cleveland Browns. The team may have been better off keeping McCoy, seeing as how they cut Weeden earlier this off season.

The Redskins former offensive cordinator, Kyle Shanahan is in Cleveland and probably would like nothing better than to make a deal to bring Cousins to Cleveland. It is clear Cousins wants to be a starter in the NFL and as long as Robert Griffin III stays healthy, there is little to no chance of Cousins being named as the Redskins starting QB.

Did the Redskins bring in McCoy to work out a deal to get rid of Cousins? Only time will tell, but for right now the Washington Redskins have 3 QB’s on their roster. Stay tuned, things could get interesting come draft day.

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