The Washington Redskins fall to 3-6 on the season with a loss to the Minnesota Viking who had one win coming into last nights game. The Redskins defense failed to stop the Vikings from scoring 34 points in the game.

The Skins defensive performance has sucked this season. Washington can see their quarterback Robert Griffin III, out on the field busting his butt and doing every thing he can to bring the team a win. He needs the defense to play as hard as he is playing.

That’s not happening. The Redskins defense is ranked 27th in the NFL this season. They give up an average of 388.4 yards per game. They are also ranked 27th against the pass and 16th in stopping the run.

How is RGIII going to win games if he can’t get the help needed from his defense. If they decided to take the season off, then RGIII should have taken the season off.

He is getting his brains beaten out game after game only to watch helplessly as his team’s defense loses the game. Giving up 34 points to a team that had only one win should be a wake up call to just how bad the Redskins defense sucks this season.

The Redskins aren’t going to make a come back in the second half of this season the way their defense is performing. It is a waste of a season for RGIII who puts out 110% each time he is on the field.

The defense could take a lesson on how to give your all from him.


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