I couldn’t have said it any better myself. This is a very stupid club that makes the same sort of mistakes over and over and over and over and over again no matter who’s coaching them.

The same errors took place under Bruce Boudreau, Dale Hunter and now Adam Oates. They give the puck away in their own end repeatedly, and then compound the error by handling the puck like a fucking grenade when they try to clear the biscuit out of their own end.

They simply don’t have enough really good, two way players who play responsibly in their own end AND on the other side of the puck…(like Chicago, San Jose, Pittsburgh and, GASP,  Bruce Boudreau’s Ducks.


I lay the blame for all of that at George McPhee’s feet. A team simply can’t enter each and every campaign with the same god damned flaws year after year after year and expect to win the Cup.

We don’t accept excuses from players for being unprepared. We certainly shouldn’t accept excuses from GM’s with thick skulls–like the afore-mentioned McPhee…




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